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Tips and how to earn money from blogs

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Tips and How to Get Money From Blog - In the tutorial how to create a blog on blogger and Bimtri have said to the blogger friends that is what your intentions to wrestle blogging and blogs will want to carry around that you have created. Based on a survey I did that almost 78 % of the bloggers after having blogged commercial purposes. It means focusing your blog or website as a search engine / moneymaker / money to form a passive income and the relatively long term.

Making money from your blog or website at the present time can be said is not a taboo anymore, it has relevance to the development of technology and the internet is so rapid in the era of globalization. Based on the information Bimtri got was a lot of bloggers who retire young ( early retirement ) of his work in the real world because it is able to become wealthy from blogs or websites without having to work in their management, would not you want it? Well, I also just like you.

how to earn money from blog
There are many ways to make money via a blog or website , but here I will describe only a few, namely blogs make money most often applied by other bloggers. But if you master the marketing mix and its development in the online business you probably know more about it.

How to Get Money From Blog
To get money from the Internet is through a blog or website , a lot of things we have control, in addition to technical / online marketing strategies you are also required to master the technique of seo . You also must be able to summarize the many visitors to the blog / website to log into a blog or website that you have ( read : how to increase blog visitors ). Here are strategies to make money from a blog or website that is frequently used by most bloggers .

- Being Publiser PPC Advertising ( Pay - Per - Click )
For those of you who have been long concerned with the activity of blogging , it's probably already understand what ppc advertising . But a little explanation of my friends who do not yet know for PPC advertising is Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites , where advertisers pay the publisher is usually the owner of the website when the ad is clicked.
For example:
Google Adsense
Tips Chitika
Earn money from CPM program
and many more.

- Text Link Ads
In addition to providing space for the advertiser banner ads on your blog or website that we have, you can also provide a space text link ads which direct it to your blog or website you want to put a text link on your blog . But before I need to tell you that the advertiser will be interested to advertise via text link to your blog or website that has a high pagerank . Have you read how to get google pagerank . Usually the value / value ( price ) of text link ads on measuring of how high and how low google pagerank alexa rank your blog or website . This means that the greater the google pagerank of your blog then you can give the price is relatively high.

- Providing Space / Spot Advertising in Blogs
Getting money from the internet ( blog / website ) is most often done by the bloggers is to provide strategic banner advertising space. To create a banner space on the blog , please read the tutorial on how to create an ad box on the blog , or create a floating ad . But before I also want to remind you try not too many advertisements on the blog , because there is also a downside and if you want to make a banner space , make it neat and orderly it looks professional and does not interfere with your blog visitors when reading one article that there in a blog or website .

- Sell ​​products ( goods or services )
If you have a product or service that can be sold in the form of expertise , now through internet / online store you can sell them and produce money as I have said above was . Additional information that I need to tell you that , the development of online business nowadays spotlight the players to get a chance in the business of making money . Why is that ? it is also inseparable from the development of technology and the ease and comfort as well subtansialnya in the transaction , but not apart from the risk therein . Speaking risk (risk ) is not able to be avoided in the business , it would always be there , now how do we manage this risk as small as possible . For services , you may be able to sell your skills and expertise in the design of your blog / website seo techniques and knowledge that you have etc. .

- Paid Writing Product Reviews
Point paid one business that can make money from the internet world through a blog or website by writing a review of a product ( goods / services ) specific . The content of the review itself aims to invite visitors to use / purchase of the product . The workings Paid Review , Advertiser will pay you for your products or services have been reviewed in the form of an article or blog post or the blogger 's website . And that brings the Advertiser by Blogger called Broker . So the more we review , the greater the benefit that we will get . If you choose to get the money from paid reviews , strategies or techniques that must be mastered is SEO and how to write quality articles and sell . So that when people are reading a review of the articles you write are eager to buy and use the products that you review . Usually the more people who buy the product then the advertiser who menjali cooperation to take place you will continue .

Actually there are many more ways to earn money from blogs through the internet like the SEO contest but because this article is already too long and you might as well read it already saturated , then Bimtri just share up here first. Make sure you keep visiting the blog super story to find articles that will update my post at the next opportunity.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Online girl story when waiting day

online women
online girl
Online girl story when waiting day, yeahh bimtri while waiting usually doing online activities to cope boredom.
"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale." putri heard from Anonymous.

The inscription on the bottom of a beautiful painting depicting a pair of men and women who are being embraced in the sky with a perfect backdrop moon and stars, which were displayed on a red brick wall patterned it was not only caught my attention since arriving in this cafe, but also a woman who is now sitting in front of me.

"You know, that quote several times appeared in my sight, anywhere. And it increasingly makes me want to continue writing romantic story," she said, smiling sweetly.

Our meeting this afternoon began our acquaintance in the social networking site. Putri bimtri name sounds pretty familiar , especially to me that since the past few months the streets hobby into a bookstore and looks cashier. So, when you find her name on facebook, I was immediately filed a friendship. About a month ago, I made ​​an offer to talk. And now, here's where we met, at a cafe sweet shades and minimalist yet warm and romantic.

Who first came to my mind is when he met with putry, a novel titled "Online Addicted!" Because every time a trip to the bookstore, novels that I often see. So, when we had enough liquid each other after meeting initial standard procedure, the question of why it first appears. And with the enthusiasm, pu3 also talked about the third novel.

"Addicted Online This project actually kicks. At first, I again wrote a novel that takes direct field research. However, due to some reason, observation and interview process is hampered. While, my desire to write can not pressed. Finally, I get a new idea while watching a talk show on television, about the dangers of internet addiction. Not much research anyway, for this story. And I finish this script on the sidelines of my practice schedule. So, if the patient is yet to come, or waiting for the next patient, I am definitely a time to write."

"Practice schedule ? Patients ? So, Sister bimtri is a ... doctor ? "
"Incidentally, my formal education background is psychology, and now I am a child and adolescent psychologist."
" Wow ... seems interesting, yes, so the writer and psychologist," putri nodded, then sip a cup of hot chocolate that had been ordered. " All right , let's go to the time machine. We flash back to the days where Sister Irena began to write."

"If on - flash back, I like writing of small. Grade 1 primary school age. I most like to get a PR if making a sentence or sentences. Was really very happy. Can feel free to be creative, write anything that I want. In addition to writing, I also love to read. As a kid, my magazine subscriptions Bobo."

"If you start writing ... let's say more seriously, since when ?"
" In junior high , I started actively writing, began to read magazines GIRL. So follow teen short story genre . Wrote it also still use the same paper pen. Write activity rather stuck fitting grade 3 junior is busy preparing for exams and others. Began actively writing again when Grade 3 SMU , continued in college , and until now . "

"Never send to the media, or follow the race ?"
"In junior high, had never been sent to the magazine, still not understand how the way of shipping. Most Mading send to school, kept loaded, and very happy. If the race ... ," bimtri looked toward the window, as if there is no answer," lecture time ever send tale to Bobo magazine, titled 'Theft at Village Bronsa'. Not win, but it is also loaded. Wah ... happy much playing. Since then, I became addicted to writing for Bobo. And I think it was the forerunner of a commercial I wrote."

"If you start writing a novel, it's how the origin of the story ?"
"Initially fad aja. Try to write , eh get a few hundred pages. Makes confused, I tried to call to the GPU, ask about delivery procedure script, and finally try to send. But was rejected. Then I try to send to other publishers, and rejected as well."

"Oh yeah? I think it will be immediately accepted."
" Nope. Precisely rejected constantly, " laughed bim." But I do not make disclaimers as portals of creativity, just as a strong motivation. I continue to write and do better. I also tried the genre metro-pop, and the result was rejected again."

"Wow ... seriously ? Was really tough fighter!"
" My struggle began to bear fruit sweet time I try to send a third manuscript , the title ' The Twins Exchange ' . Now, through the novel, I get a lesson , that it turns out my previous two novels were rejected was almost fully tell you about myself . Continue , I think, hm ... means less interesting story of my life , hahaha ... " The laughter came again crisp and soft , in between chanting music that underlie this cafe . " I began to change strategy , write something that is not me at all . Yes born 'The Twins Exchange' it."

Oh yes , indeed , there are some people who would look better to write about something close to her , and the rest to write something far beyond that. " Okay , now we talk about the creative process of ' The Twins Exchange ' this . From the start of the emergence of the idea, process and further and further . "

" If not mistaken , I started writing the script around dated June 20, 2005 , but the completion forget, anytime. For months, There's no use difficult theoretical writing process really , just write yes write aja . The important thing is I know the theme of magnitude, already get a conflict , and already know the ending going like how . Small conflicts will get as you go along . Even now , when I write ya so. So I've said my fingers could solve their own stories that are being made . While typing , without realizing there are additional conflicts , a new story, dialogue sweetener that appears in the middle of the scene . "

" There's an interesting story behind the publication process ? "
" The most interesting long ya temper," princess smiled again . " So , I sent the manuscript Area towards the end of this year , and certainty can be rejected early in 2013. The reason for an extension . The idea of ​​the story itself considered attractive , and the publishers who contact - contact with me said, if this script actually potentially , to the extent that she continue spirit me for revision. After get that spirit, I began to revision while carrying around baby in the belly aka pregnant again . After cutting it out around 50 pages , I finally send it to the GPU . Well , at the end of 2013 , I get a manuscript published certainty ! But wait did not end there . It turns out this and still have to wait for it. 2014 want softcopy. And ... then published in October 2014 .... "

We were both reaching for a cup in front of us and sip drinks in it. I seemed to feel tired of waiting that long . And of course in awe of the women in my presence .

" It is very interesting what of ' The Twin Exchange ' as to the attraction of all that the publisher ? "

" ' The Twins Exchange ' is actually a simple story ideas . The theme of the two people who like and swap places . Already somewhat common theme does this , but here is unique , the only girl child , and the other guy . And here I insert sport of judo as a background story . I do not know what it's like judo , but want sport really enter into the story . So , there's no excuse for not Kismet reference . I was browsing all information about judo . And I think a success , because I think every reader 's judo athlete or at least had studied judo . In fact , some of the readers who told me so turned off in sports judo . And they were shocked to know first I did not know anything about judo . "

"That 'd be cool ! Unfortunately I have not often read . Then , when the second novel , which is ' The Bridesmaid 's Story ' was , how the creative process ? "

" In 2006 , the news while waiting for the certainty of the manuscript from the publisher , I started writing the script ' The Bridesmaid 's Story ' . I wrote after getting married , in memory of all the hassles that occurred during the wedding preparations . But , the script was all pending . I've only had the baby , and continue S2 with task - not finish there . It all makes me not focus. 2013 year end , fitting busy college already started to subside , then I write again . "

"It's about the hassles of the bridesmaids in the face of the Setup wedding of his friend," he continued . "If ordinary wedding -themed novel right highlight the bride's life , well this time would be viewed from the perspective of the maid of honor . "

" Oh , okay . Imagine bother and he cried like how , as I also almost every week have business with weddings. Go to the next books , Sis . "

" The third book , yes 'Online Addicted! ' That in the beginning you asked earlier . If the fourth , not a novel , but kumcer , titled ' Not Cupid ' . In this kumcer I have one short story , titled ' Kak Johan ' , tells the story of teenager with autism . But I'm not a teenager highlight autism , but the brother of the teenager . Short story ideas come from the results of counseling with a young patient who had a sister with autism . I got a lot of lessons and new things that are useful from the counseling . "

" Of all the novels , which are the most memorable for Irena Kak ? And , why ? "

" Actually all looks novel for me . But honestly , what I liked best was the second novel , ' The Bridesmaid 's Story ' . I also do not know why. Yes , like aja . "

" After writing the novels, is there any other projects that could write a little leaked ? "

" Hmmm ... actually , in my head already banyaaak ideas really , but it should be realized one by one . There teenlit writing projects that need in-depth research , about teenage life in accelerated classes , and there is his relationship abussive . My personal deadline hell , in July 2012 it had been completed . Oh , yeah , my editor kept asking for every meet , and she always motivates me so quickly finishing novel because the theme I lift very interesting . "

"Besides ," said Irena again , " no writing project with my friends the other authors as well . Then , there is the script that I wrote together with Petra Monica . And there are many more ideas that some of them have started my search references and other data that supports my idea is ... , " and Irena began telling detail the brilliant ideas that will long to write me back .

" By the way , Sister Irena still have an obsession who wish to be realized ? "

" Yes , of course ! Having failed to list the KLA as a thing , I still have another obsession . Namely , I want my novels could be filmed . Continues , I am also a speaker at the inn, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival . And I also want my novel be translated into foreign languages ​​and sold overseas . "

" Well ... yes really exciting talk with Sister bimtri. I really matter that could be discussed. And very inspiring . "

"Yes , I am talking about writing when obtaining over- excited , and can not be stopped , " for the umpteenth time , Irena smiled . Looks at all her passion in the world of writing this .

" By the way , is there someone who inspires Kak Irena in writing ? Or , someone who has always supported and motivation brother when writing ? Who ? "

" Of course . And figure it was my ex- boyfriend , aka my beloved husband , " Irena 's face flushed , more flushed than before . " He 's my muse . He 's like a multivitamin is very important and powerful for all activities and spur my creativity . My husband is the biggest inspiration in almost all of my work . In addition , he is also the most supportive and motivated me in writing . In fact , more than my own mother . Just imagine , my mother once told me , ' Udahlah , Ren , do not have to write anymore . Rather than being rejected constantly disappointed later ... , 'when I can repeatedly rejection letters from publishers . Hearts who try , who do not cringe hear those words ? ! Fortunately I have a husband like my savior angel . He's really the one . He was really supportive and unseen. The first laptop that I use for writing , it was a gift from him . Who knows what will become the fate of my novels without the support of my husband . "

Somehow, I also feel as though the warmth of what he had just told bimtri. Yes , indeed, the presence of someone who was tired of supporting and motivating us much better than the people who just have mercy upon us. And in my opinion, putri is very fortunate to have had it.

"Before we end this discussion session, there are messages for readers or fans of the novel's brother, and for young writers who lack confidence? "

"For the reader, I will always strive to provide only the best for you. And for young writers who might be a little less confident, do not ever give up ! Do not wait for inspiration to come new writing, but writing, then the inspiration will come alone. I experienced itself. In this world there's nothing we can not. That there is only willing or not."

" Thank you very much , Sister Irena , over time . Hopefully , next time , we can return to the discussion of the more talked more exciting again . Success continued to ya , sister . "

"Equally, Dadun. Amien Success also for Dadun."
We got up from the couch comfortably, leaving two empty cups, and memories for some time back. Before walking to the exit, I had time to glance at the painting on the wall of red brick patterned first time I saw the time had come, and read the writing on the bottom, once again," Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.